Unused Silence cover 2

Before Allen & Unwin published The Silence, it was actually on the Image Comics publishing slate, following their pick up of my book, The Bunker. This would have been in 2004, around the time I finished the book. I wanted to do a moody painted cover, but we ended up using an Image computer colourist on my line art, as the reality was (and still is) that I am a terrible painter; I really dislike using wet media except for black ink. I know it's a matter of practice and taking the time to learn, but I've never really applied myself since I had so much else to do, like improving my writing and drawing. Anyhow, the proposed book never saw print as the advance orders through Diamond were way below what was needed for the book to see print. It was a good thing given that it gave me a chance to pause, reflect, and in time reboot the work into the form it became.

Type: Illustration