Monster High Coven

One of several lavish poster illustrations I have done for my niece over the years. In 2013 she was crazy about Monster High, where the teenage children of every monster in popular culture go to, though they seem to have the same interests as any teenager in, like, American Tv shows about teenagers. 

I never do such illustrations without filtering them through my own sensibilities, so this so-called 'class photo' was to enable me to pack as many of the principal characters in the one frame, adding some extras whom I thought cognisant. I had to bone up on my Monster High characters, which I have to say I enjoyed drawing, since as a boy, I used to love haunted houses and all the sorts of shenanigans that Scooby Doo revelled in. I used to like drawing cut-away haunted houses, with all sorts of things going on in each room, as well as the basement and the attic. It was a sort of throwback to those days for me. It also took far longer to draw than I anticipated, so I sell it as a print. It's about the only occasion where I've used licensed properties.

Type: Illustration