Monash Life

In 2015, I got a surprising and very welcome request to be profiled in Monash Life, the annual alumni magazine for Monash University. Initially, I wondered if they got me mixed with someone else, since they usually profile people who will in fact change the world for the better: doctors researching some breakthrough treatment for arthritis, or a vaccine that might finally knock malaria on its head, or, scientists peering into the mists of creation, or some kind of high profile social welfare or leadership role. So... what did I do to deserve this? 

On the other hand, I was not about to let this opportunity pass. I was interviewed by Anastasia Safioleas, who wrote the profile and rather than shooting a photograph, the editor, Shaunnagh O'Loughlin and I thought it far more appropriate for me to do an illustration. Summing up my career in one image was never going to be easy, but this answer seemed appropriate, since it looked like a comic with its grid of panels, and had most of the major highlights I have created of my creative career thus far, represented by major characters. Can you name them all? A test for anyone who has truly read most things I've created!

Type: Illustration