Love & Fuck It

Published in Small Sales & True, November 2013.

When I was a much younger comics artist, I was in awe of Jaime Hernandez. I could not admire his beautiful, accurate, clean lines and use of blacks enough. I basically wanted to be able to draw as well as he could and well, at first that meant his ability to draw women. He was even better than Wally Wood or Milo Manara in that those two kept drawing the same women over and over. Jaime drew variety, and for that, they were much sexier. Anyhow, over time, I learnt to strip out all my cross-hatching and use solid blacks better, but more importantly developed my own style. Jaime uses a lot more generic backgrounds, domestic interiors and cars than I do, whereas I put in far more researched detail. However, as the title page suggests, I can draw like Jaime if I want to; it’s a copy, not a trace. Anyhow, this story is about my meeting Jaime and Gilbert on the road at conventions, and proving that meeting your idol is not always a comfortable thing.

Type: Short Story