Caravan of Comics Card

In 2013, I helped organised a tour of Australian Cartoonists to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, with follow up dates visiting Drawn & Quarterly shop in Montreal and the Fantagraphics Bookshop in Seattle. We would have hit other comics festivals were they proximate. The previous year, a caravan went to TCAF after visiting the MOCCA festival in New York. Then they were only a week apart; in 2013, it had blown to almost two months. 

The goal was to introduce Canadian and American readers to Australian comics, to make connections between creators and foster working or friendly relations. In a sense, it was comics diplomacy. To help fund this venture, we ran a crowdfunding campaign, and I created this image to put on postcards that were left about appropriate retail and cafe outlets around Melbourne beseeching support. I have no idea of its efficacy, but I suspect almost zero, but at least there is this image for posterity. Can you guess the artists on board? 

Type: Illustration