A Space Oddity

This is a catalogue essay in comics form for an exhibition of the same name at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts in St Kilda, Melbourne in 2013. The script was written by Matthew Perkins who was co-curator of the show with Jan Duffy. The theme was perception of space, be it physical, virtual or metaphysical, its relationship with it's other aspect, time. I was very happy to learn this show also featured a collaborative work (with Hannah Adad) by one of my favourite film directors, Denys Arcand, whose Jesus of Montreal is a top fifty all-time film for me. 

The script was a fantasy about Neil Armstrong’s spirit passing his younger self during a space walk during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. They discuss aspects of light, space and time in terms of astrophysics, melded with some existentialist philosophical musings about ‘being’. It was a challenge to make this visually interesting in the space of 5 pages, and I drew this whilst resident at Ragdale in Lake Forest, IL on my MacBook screen. But I like challenges, especially when they involve taking comics into places they are rarely if ever seen, such as an exhibition catalogue essay. There are a lot of visual elements that I hoped responded to some of the themes in the text, especially about the relativity of perceiving time. As is my wont, I couldn't but help slip in some small jokes.

Type: Short Story