A Jean By Any Other Name

This oblique set of in-jokes was created for an exhibition in remembrance of the great Moebius, or Jean Giraud, who passed away in 2011. Almost no one gets the jokes, so I'll explain it here (at risk). Giraud is in the middle, painting Jean-Paul Belmondo's face blue, which happens to Belmondo's character in the great Jean-Luc Godard film, Pierrot Le Fou (1965). Giraud is having a revelation about creating a character Lieutenant Blueberry. Behind Giraud is Godard, who exclaims 'Brilliant, I have an idea for a film called Pierrot le Blue (the blue). Behind Godard is his then wife, muse and lead actress, Anna Karina, who says: 'No, no my dear, Pierrot le Fou' (the mad). Off to the far left is the other actor who appeared in several of Godard's films and much of the French New Wave: Jean-Pierre Leaud. He's saying, 'And what about me?' So, four 'Jeans' all talking about names. Geddit? 

Type: Illustration