I have a short story called Small Things just published in the anthology Criminal Element, from Black House Comics. This contains the first pages from The Fight, volume 2 of the Robert Wells Trilogy. There is a problem in that the pages were printed out of order, so that page 1 is followed by pages 10 to 12, then reverts to page 2 to 9. The editor Jason Franks admits his oversight and profusely apologises to anyone who bought the anthology. At this stage no reprint is planned. I will alert you if there is.

Update 26th of April:
Those of you who have bought Terra Vol 1 may have been alerted to my previous post that a few pages of my story were printed out of order. I am now pleased to inform you that the book will be reprinted with them in correct order and anyone with a faulty copy will be able to get it replaced, free of charge. Details on this will be forthcoming.

After having stalled on this for years, I have finally decided to launch a dedicated website that will link readers and potential clients to me directly. A Google or Bing search with my name in quotation marks brings up about 16,700 results, most of which are catalogues to bookshops and libraries that stock my novels, archives of various events I’ve officially been at, some reviews and so on. Not much help for those who want to find out more about me as an artist, where my next event or workshop might be on, see things in the gallery that are not published anywhere, even get in touch with comments, commissions, criticisms and other ‘c’ words (but not the four letter one).

Bookmark the site and subscribe to the email update so that you can keep abreast of my activities. It’s going to be a busy 2012.

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