Yes, the smell is already emanating from the future; a cascade of quantum particles drifting back carrying the promise of some distinctly wonderful comics. The official publicity machine is yet to get going as we do not have all the books confirmed, but at this point, 15 new comics are planned to be launched. I won’t say which ones, as I don’t want to create expectations that will go unfulfilled. I can say however, that I will not have a new book, though I will appear in at least one, if not two anthologies. But if you liked the previous events, then this will be even bigger, hairier, smellier. Yes, it is on at Sentido Funf again, Saturday March 2nd, next year. Starts at 2pm. Put it in your diary now. Don’t pencil it; ink it! Then colour and letter it. Start saving those pennies or take out a personal or student loan if need be. Pawn your toy collection or sell a kidney!