Inkers & Thinkers symposium has passed and I can say with complete bias that it was fabulous. All the papers were most interesting and before long there ought to be podcasts put up so you can listen to them. I’ll provide a link here when they become available. My short summary of it all is that there is a burgeoning of comics scholarship in this country, in line with overseas and perhaps in response to that movement. The thing is that I feel the arrival of so many diverse and interesting comics in the past twenty years has made passionate fans of the medium, and where they are scholars, made them want to research it. I am one of them with a thesis being produced by project: a comic created especially to be encountered in a gallery. More on that when it is due for exhibition in July. Anyhow, comics scholarship is a global phenomenon, albeit still very niche. There are no comics studies departments – yet. Nor is there a specific comics theory and vocabulary either, borrowing as it does from cinema studies, literary studies, sociology, anthropology, art theory (not much) and wherever a scholar grasps for ways to explain their ideas. That’s how all new scholarship is created.

So, for those who could not attend, you can download an illustrated pdf of my speech, here. Please share the link around to those you think might be interested, as I think the ideas it contains are important, and they are to serve as springboard for ideas and discussion on comics in this country.

Download it from here: