Okay, it’s been a long while since my last post. I’ve been busy having travelled to the USA and Canada as part of the Caravan of Comics, presenting at the International Comic Arts Forum, doing a residency at Ragdale in Lake Forest, IL, among many other things like sightseeing, after all, the USA and Canada has a lot to look at. If I was even partially media savvy, I would have written about it extensively and posted the thoughts here, and added a ton of pics to a tumblr. Well, I did write a detailed diary and took 1000+ photos on my iphone, so I can still do it. But I probably won’t. It’s past. Some observations will however, be drawn in comics and published in the forthcoming anthology that the Caravan alumni are going to produce and publish in September. I reckon that would be better, don’t you? With luck, a DVD film of our trip will also be cut thanks to Graphic Novels! Melbourne! director Dan Hayward having accompanied the Caravan, so who needs my 10,000 word blather when you can have comics and movies? I would rather that myself.


TCAF 2013 – Caravan of Comics

However, whilst I was at Ragdale, I did produce a comic on commission called A Space Oddity, written by Matt Perkins. It’s an oblique story of the recently departed Neil Armstrong who died in 2012, meeting himself on the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. They float about in space and talk about light, relativity, Being, God and other trivial matters like that. Houston is worried. I show you one page from it to demonstrate that occasionally, I still make comics. Not sure where it will be published, but we are also looking to exhibit this in a gallery at some point, too. Stay tooned.