October 20, 2015


Segment in the soon to be legendary comic – written by Jason Franks; pencilled and inked by me, coloured by Luke Pickett.


W: Jason Franks. P & I: Bruce Mutard. Colour: Luke Pickett.
McBlack is one mean sunovabitch. Actually, he’s the son of no one. He doesn’t even have a body. You got demons in your mind? Nightmares keep you awake at night? Who you gonna call? McBlack, the nightmare assassin of course; he’ll fix it for ya – with extreme prejudice – and collateral damage.
I like McBlack. He can do anything because he inhabits mental space where anything goes. There’s lots of violence and humour like a good action film, but no one gets hurt as it’s all in the mind. Okay, maybe a bit of psychological damage occurs and a few neurons get nuked, but…

I offered to draw a McBlack segment just to try doing an action/vigilante hero style comic in colour. I’d never done one before, so it was a challenge. Trouble was, Jason wrote something that pushed me much further than that – he thought I had above average technical skills and exploited it. The bastard. I was also under the pump for time, so I called another mate, Luke Pickett, to colour it. Looks like we have a fairly useful comics team, eh? Any offers will be entertained. Jason’s a good mate, and I’ll be contributing to his next volume of the sublime Sixsmiths, too. You can get McBlack Two Shot (lettered) and all the other McBlack’s here.

Unlettered Preview, see more here