For those of you whom the Satanic forces have not alerted to the presence of The Sixsmiths, then I shall do so. Co-created by Jason Franks (McBlack, Kagemono, Bloody Waters among many credits) and J Marc Schmidt (All You Bastards Can Go Jump off A Bridge, *), The Sixsmiths is more or less Home and Away with satanists instead of the atheist irreligious feel of that show. Yep, it’s got angsty teenagers, insecure adults, a satanic coven of ordinary people who go about living ordinary lives. That’s what I loved about Volume 1. As a reader, you’re constantly thrown by these quirky satanic references that are all quite sensible and based on fact. It’s a book of some depth that does not take cheap shots at the satanists or Abrahamic religious alike.

For Volume 2, Jason has decided to have each of the chapters drawn by a different artist. I have recently completed my pages, to which I hereby give you a preview of the first and last page only. They have not been lettered yet. This will be all you’ll see until the book comes out, when of course, you will go and buy it. You can get a preview of some of the artists by going to the blog for the books, here:

When will the book come out? I don’t know. Probably late next year.



October 20, 2015


Segment in the soon to be legendary comic – written by Jason Franks; pencilled and inked by me, coloured by Luke Pickett.


W: Jason Franks. P & I: Bruce Mutard. Colour: Luke Pickett.
McBlack is one mean sunovabitch. Actually, he’s the son of no one. He doesn’t even have a body. You got demons in your mind? Nightmares keep you awake at night? Who you gonna call? McBlack, the nightmare assassin of course; he’ll fix it for ya – with extreme prejudice – and collateral damage.
I like McBlack. He can do anything because he inhabits mental space where anything goes. There’s lots of violence and humour like a good action film, but no one gets hurt as it’s all in the mind. Okay, maybe a bit of psychological damage occurs and a few neurons get nuked, but…

I offered to draw a McBlack segment just to try doing an action/vigilante hero style comic in colour. I’d never done one before, so it was a challenge. Trouble was, Jason wrote something that pushed me much further than that – he thought I had above average technical skills and exploited it. The bastard. I was also under the pump for time, so I called another mate, Luke Pickett, to colour it. Looks like we have a fairly useful comics team, eh? Any offers will be entertained. Jason’s a good mate, and I’ll be contributing to his next volume of the sublime Sixsmiths, too. You can get McBlack Two Shot (lettered) and all the other McBlack’s here.

Unlettered Preview, see more here


I have a short story called Small Things just published in the anthology Criminal Element, from Black House Comics. This contains the first pages from The Fight, volume 2 of the Robert Wells Trilogy. There is a problem in that the pages were printed out of order, so that page 1 is followed by pages 10 to 12, then reverts to page 2 to 9. The editor Jason Franks admits his oversight and profusely apologises to anyone who bought the anthology. At this stage no reprint is planned. I will alert you if there is.

Update 26th of April:
Those of you who have bought Terra Vol 1 may have been alerted to my previous post that a few pages of my story were printed out of order. I am now pleased to inform you that the book will be reprinted with them in correct order and anyone with a faulty copy will be able to get it replaced, free of charge. Details on this will be forthcoming.