I’d like to draw your attention to the only poetry anthology, Cordite: Pumpkin, the poetry/comics issue. It contains 8 adaptations of poems by myself, Mirranda Burton, Bernard Caleo, Mandy Ord, Gregory Mackay, Queenie Chan, Marijka Gooding and Frank Candiloro. It was compiled and edited by Kent MacCarter. The aim was to see if a form of writing that is so visually evocative, could be adapted into a medium that is visual. The brief was for each artist to adapt a poem by a contemporary poet in whatever way they felt appropriate, and as you’ll see, there is variety in the results. My personal aim was to add to the words so that added texture and correspondences to the original, yet keeping within the spirit and aim of it. I actually replaced a lot of words with pictures – see above.

Anyhow, the aim is to produce a print anthology with a few more stories in it sometime next year, and also hold a few events where we can have readings/viewings and discuss this use of comics. Please take a look, share and comment in whatever format you like to gab on.