Crikey, it’s that time of the year again when a very big bum hovers over Melbourne to let loose a big pile of… COMICS!

Okay, it’s a little later than the first Saturday in March, being March 15, but that was so a couple of extra books could be squeezed in. Well, they needed that extra time to get over the line, so we moved the line. It’s our launch, so we can do that. Two more books; that means more for punters; no one loses.

There will be 10 comics and Gns on the table:

  • Rivalry by Matt Emery.
  • Killeroo: Scars, by Darren Close, Ryan Wilton and Daniel Lawson.
  • System Earth #3 by Tom Garden
  • Oswald, Monster Wrestler #1 by Andrew Isaac and Brendan Halyday.
  • Savage Bitch – the collection, by Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr with an intro by Steve Bissette.
  • 51% #2 by Chris Gooch
  • That Bulletproof Kid #1 by Matt Kyme and Arthur Strickland
  • Panic #2 by Brendan Halyday
  • Dead Ends by Anthony Castle and Chadw
  • Legend of Rock #0 by Matt Nichols and Chris McQuinlan

The MC for the day will be the legendary Larry Boxshall, so bring cotton wool for your ears; he’ll probably drop more f-bombs than The Wolf of Wall Street.

So, you need to be seen on Saturday March 15 from 2pm to 6 at The Fitzroy Beer Garden, 243-245 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. 

Got dat? 

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