Hello silver surfers of the world wide intergalactus, the website for Bruce Mutard is back and live after some 8 months offline for a new build that has taken rather too long. Probably no one missed it except for myself, since those who may have gone online looking for information about the author that is me, would have only found a place holder. But there is plenty of other content online about me - whatever that may be. 

The purpose of the rebuild was to find a platform where I could generate and publish content myself, so I did not have to rely on someone else to upload, which was the problem with my previous site. And so it is with Shopify, which I have used for my online retail platform at www.fabliaux.com.au. While creating that with the help of the lovely web sorcerers at eChic, it occurred to me that the very image-centric nature of Shopify would be ideal for a comics site, as it too, would be mostly used for displaying comics pages. So it is with great pleasure that we kick this out the airlock and into webspace, where no one can hear it scream: I'm not ready! 

I hope it makes a suitable impression and note that eventually a great deal of my work and research into comics will be posted onto this site. There is a forthcoming academic section wherein I will upload my investigations into the nature of the comics form – or exactly how comics actually communicate – something I don't think has been successfully answered yet, pace McCloud and Groenstein. 

Meanwhile, this site will be the place to find and read my short comics, much of which are in hard to find out of print or defunct publications, not least my own Street Smell comics from twenty years ago. They are not available for download, but I will print them in hardcopy at some point, since that is my way. 

This blog will also be the place where I will announce news of my upcoming appearances and the like, of which there are a few to come in this month and next. Stay tuned!