Comic Con-Versation. Ashfield Library, Saturday September 20, 4pm to 8pm. FREE.

In an age where the big pop-culture cons have evolved to the point where comics are almost the least part of it (unless it’s a movie), I think this sort of community oriented event is the future for comics ‘show and tell’ in Australia and possibly elsewhere. Join me and the cream of the Sydney comics community, Pat Grant, Chris Sequeria, W Chew Chan, Sorab Del Rio, Pat Purcell, Julie Ditrich, Tim McEwen, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Marcelo Baez and many more for a few hours discussing and celebrating the wonderful medium of comics. There’ll be workshops, panel sessions, an artists alley with lots of comics being sold by their creators direct to the public; get them signed, get a sketch, get a poster or a print, have chat about their work. The evening is designed more as a mingle, where the public can mix with comics creators and learn about comics, what makes them special, which are the best ones to read, and of course, to showcase the fabulous collection of comics and graphic novels that Ashfield library has. All of this has been made possible by the wonderful collections manager at Ashfield, Karen Dwarte, whose passion for comics obviously knows no bounds. After doing this, she’ll probably wish she did have bounds, but what’s life if you don’t push them out a bit?

For more information, see the event Facebook.

Download a flyer here.

Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard