For those of you who couldn’t make my exhibition – and that is nearly everyone, thanks to its three day running time and location is a corner of the Monash Caulfield campus that is in no way easy to find  – I thought many of you might like to see some images from my exhibition and ‘closing’ ceremony, especially as many of you could not make it. It took five of us 8 hours to get it up (and two of us 4 hours to pull it down). The examiners have been and gone and the work under my bed or in my garage. I was happy with the installation, even if about 25-30% of the work did not get installed for lack of room. There is no real way that I could imagine it in the space while making it, so even I did not see the work as intended for the first time until after it was put up. And installing a work like this is an organic process. There was improvisation on the day as each space is different, and with a work like this that is meant to be immersive, meant it has to shape itself to the space. I do hope to install the entire work in another space that can remain up for say, three weeks and have an opening on the weekend, but I know the work will look a bit different. But that’s fascinating is it not?

So, you have two places you can go to see pics:

First is the inestimable Bobby N’s blog. As many of us know, he takes great photos.

Second is at Dark Matter Zine, run by the marvellous Nalini Haynes. She couldn’t make the closing night as she was crook (and I reckon half of Melbourne was), but her husband Edward came along and took a lot of photos and a video of my short speech. He also returned the next day to do a 45 minute video walk through, where I spoke about the work and research into comics in considerable depth (reflecting the exegesis).  I also hope to post a link to my exegesis, but it is embargoed until the examiners reports are submitted and a grade given.

Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard