Tutor: ME!
When: Saturday May 10, 10:30am – 4pm.
Where: CAE, Level 4, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Cost: ASA Members $155; Member of a Partner Organisation $185; full price $230.
Bookings: 1800 257 121 (toll-free) or visit

I love to teach comics. I have spent 25 years making them and though self-taught (there was no other option when I started), I think I’ve learnt a few tricks (or a hundred) over that time so I am more than happy to pass my knowledge on. The only possible outcome is more and better comics; how can that be bad? Moreover, you can learn stuff in a short time that took me years to figure out! In this workshop, I will give you some insight into the magic of visual storytelling, which is the core of comics – more so than great drawing or sharp dialogue. Through discussion of examples and practical exercises, you’ll gain an understanding of comics as a medium and the process of ‘writing with images’. I’ll give you a grasp on the rules to comic layout and storytelling that will be pertinent whether you want to draw yourself, or write for other artists. Sure it costs a bit, but lunch is thrown in as is water, tea, coffee and bikkies. Main thing is I reckon it’s a small price for knowledge. I could be wrong.

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Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard