INK TALES – an Indiegogo campaign worth chucking bucks at.

My good friend Dale Maccanti has taken on one of the most thankless of tasks, and that is to create, edit and publish a graphic story anthology, in this case, called Ink Tales. The theme in this is tattoos, but from all sorts of perspectives, be it why people get inked, when the ink takes over, the ink taking a life of its own, you name it. There’s a good line up of creators who have tackled this, including myself, Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz, Gee Hale, Jason Paulos, Kate Moon, Black Betty and Dale himself, to name a few. My story comes floating out the world I am creating for the sequel to The Sacrifice, called The Fight, so it’s a sneak preview of a sort. Above is a page to whet appetites.

Anyhow, Dale needs the money to print the book in time for a launch ideally early December, so get on board now and pre-pay for your copy and other perks. I’ll see you there in December, or wherever Ink Tales can be found.


Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard