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There are a plethora of manuscript assessment services out there, helping would be writers to get to the next level and ultimately, to their goal of publication, syndication, 7 figure advances, movie deals, awards, red carpet walks, drugs, bad sex, overdoses, drink driving busts, rehab, 60 minutes or Oprah confessionals, rise again and an early death floating face down in a pool overlooking LA.

But no one offers an assessment service for the peculiarity that is comics. After all, comics have both words and pictures in tandem and therefore, tell their stories in a very different way to prose. Not only that, comics is a medium with a lot of different genres within it, each with their own signifiers and rules (of a sort). the medium and industry of comics has advanced considerably in the past decade, and a lot of people are realising that comics are a great medium to tell their stories. However, unlike writing, graphic design, animation, games design, acting and pretty much any other creative art, there are no schools in Australia where you can learn the craft. There are in the USA and Europe, but for the moment in Australia, being an autodidact is the only school there is. I learnt that way, and it took a long, long time, but now there’s a short cut with Comics Masterclass.

My dear friend Julie Ditrich, director of Black Mermaid Productions, author of Elf-fin and former portfolio holder for the ASA Comics and Graphic Novels portfolio (I’m now the guy) has set up a pay-for-service business that can help you – the comic writer/artist/creative team/cartoonist/web-comics meister – to get advice from some of the best in the business. Okay, one of those experts happens to be me, but Julie has contracted a team of experts to cover all aspects of the comics spectrum so that you can get your manuscript assessed by someone who knows that segment like the pores on the tip of their nose. Superhero and genre comics, slice-of-life and ‘indy’ (that’s my area), comic strips, web-comics, single panel cartoons, zines are all covered. Whether you are a writer only and seek advice on polishing your script, or are an artist wanting to get your story-telling craft to the next level, a creative team or a comics auteur, we can help you.

To think of this service in short hand, Comics Masterclass’ aim is to help you get your creative project to the next level, and ultimately to where you want to go, wherever that may be. Please be clear on this, they cannot publish your work or act as an agent in finding you a publisher; any advice in that area can only be general. Comics Masterclass can only increase the chances of your work finding publishers by making it as professional as you are able to do yourself; in other words, you have to do the heavy lifting. There is no short cut to professionalism, which is a lot perspiration, but more importantly, a state of attitude. This means working hard to be the best at whatever it is you want to do, then being able to get up and talk about your work, market it, encourage others to climb up onto your shoulders and see further.

So, head to their website, here: and find out if we can help you get to where you want to go.

They also have a Youtube channel with a nifty little ad to watch:

Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard