Well, I have gotten off my backside to make some entries to this blog. I know I need to write more to keep my fans and patrons informed, as this is my connection to them sans Twitbook. I have been monstrously busy doing what many of you want me to do, which is to write and draw lots of stuff for your edification and entertainment.

There is a motive to this in that a there are a lot of public events that I am a part of in the next couple of months that you might like to know about and even attend, so let’s get you up to date.
Part of what I have been up to is organising Skinny Arse, which you can see to the right. It’s amazing how much time this takes, even if it is mostly via email. There is also the preparation for the Text + Image panel that I am doing with Badaude(pronounced Bor-dard), and Tohby Riddle.

I have recently completed a number of short comics, which will be appearing in various places over the coming months. Some time after they are published, I will put up the full strip as a download, but for the moment, you can have a gander by following the links to the short stories page .

Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard