Small Things Errata

I have a short story called Small Things just published in the anthology Criminal Element, from Black House Comics. This contains the first pages from The Fight, volume 2 of the Robert Wells Trilogy. There is a problem in that the pages were printed out of order, so that page 1 is followed by pages 10 to 12, then reverts to page 2 to 9. The editor Jason Franks admits his oversight and profusely apologises to anyone who bought the anthology. At this stage no reprint is planned. I will alert you if there is.

Update 26th of April:
Those of you who have bought Terra Vol 1 may have been alerted to my previous post that a few pages of my story were printed out of order. I am now pleased to inform you that the book will be reprinted with them in correct order and anyone with a faulty copy will be able to get it replaced, free of charge. Details on this will be forthcoming.

Bruce Mutard
Bruce Mutard